Harith General Partners Map

Anergi Group

Wholly owned by Harith managed funds, Anergi is a diversified power company that develops, owns and operates power plants across sub-Saharan Africa.

Anergi’s portfolio comprises five assets. In both operation and construction stages, these assets cumulatively produce +1,413 MW of thermal and renewable energy and supply power to >23 million customers across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, creating critical social and economic benefits for these countries.

Lake Turkana Wind Power

The largest wind farm in Africa, Lake Turkana is located in Kenya’s Loiyangalani District, in Marsabit County. It comprises 365 wind turbines – each with a capacity of 850kW – and a high voltage substation. It is connected to the Kenyan national grid through a 435 km associated transmission line that was constructed by the Government of Kenya through the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO).

Azura-Edo Power Station

Located in Benin City, Nigeria, the Azura-Edo Power Station is a natural gas-powered, open-cycle electricity generation plant. With a current operational capacity of 461 megawatts, it is one of the top three power contributors to Nigeria’s electricity grid and currently generates around 8% of electricity supplied to the national grid.

Kelvin Power Station

For decades, the Kelvin Power Station in Johannesburg, South Africa, has played a pivotal role in providing energy to the city. Anergi is the owner of the company that is responsible for the operations, maintenance and commercial management of this plant. Options to update and develop the plant is being explored by Anergi and its stakeholders.

Rabai Power

The Rabai power plant is a 90 MW combined-cycle, thermal-power plant located in Mombasa, Kenya. It is one of the most efficient thermal power plants in Kenya. Anergi (through Aldwych International Limited) played the leading role in this project, achieving financial close in September 2008.

Twin City Energy

Twin City Energy (TCE) is a 200 MW combined-cycle, dual-fuel power plant in Aboadze, Ghana, which can operate using both crude oil and natural gas as its primary fuel. The plant employs approximately 40 people full-time and at the time of construction, it created 400 jobs, most filled by Ghanaians. Anergi is a significant shareholder in the construction and operation management companies that provide services to the Twin City Energy project.

Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH)

Harith holds a significant interest in CIVH, a holding company that wholly owns the largest and best known telecom brands in South Africa. These include Dark Fibre Africa (built and operates 12 000 km of optic fibre infrastructure in South Africa) and Vumatel (built an open-access fibre network that provides high-speed broadband connectivity to homes in South Africa).

Bongwe Investments

Bongwe Investments (Pty) Ltd designs, finances, constructs, and maintains office buildings, and is currently invested in the new Southern African Development Community (SADC) head office in Gaborone, Botswana, as part of a public-private partnership. The new building will bring all SADC units and directorates, operating in a number of rented premises in Gaborone, under one roof.

Socoprim (HKB Bridge)

Harith has a 30-year concession of the Henri Konan Bédié Bridge – a 6,7 km urban expressway that connects the north (Riviera) and the south (Marcory). The 21 toll lanes are extendable to 24 lanes. There is a 1,5 km viaduct, along with 2×2 lane pavement on the north and 2×3 lane pavement and sideway service lanes on the south.

Lanseria International Airport

The second largest airport, located in South Africa’s economic hub – Gauteng. This is one of a few privately-owned, infrastructure assets in South Africa. Lanseria (LIA) is also the only private airport to offer commercial services. The majority of corporate aircrafts in Gauteng are either based at or operate from LIA.

NOVO Energy

NOVO Energy is a South African energy company that specialises in supplying alternative fuel technologies and services. Having obtained a gas trading licence from the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) in 2009, NOVO actively pursues and develops natural gas projects in sub-Saharan Africa.


Traxtion provides rail services and solutions across the African continent and has been underwritten by Harith since 2017. In 2020, Traxtion announced a R1.5bn locomotive and wagon-building programme in South Africa as part of the country’s proposed economic recovery plan.

Open Connect Limited (OCL)

With the most fibre optic coverage in Malawi and as the only fully redundant fibre network provider in the Malawian domestic market, OCL provides carrier, redundant light and dark fibre services to leading mobile operators, ISPs, and terrestrial television providers. In addition, OCL has key international fibre links to Mozambique and Tanzania, as well as a direct connection to SEACOM’s Indian Ocean Submarine Cable and EASSY via Mozambique de Telecomunicações (TDM).

Zimborders (Beitbridge Border Post)

This complex is situated at Beitbridge, on the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe – and is the busiest border post in Southern Africa. It not only connects South Africa to Zimbabwe but also acts as a key access point and gateway for trade between the Southern Africa Development Community nations because of its link to the all-important Durban harbour.